Term & Condition

This is Prime Investment official presentation which must be read by all our clients, we are making every possible effort to accurately represent our services and potential for making income in our company.

1- There is not any guarantee given to any participate in percentage of profit or permanent income.

2- Your result may vary totally depending to your personal expertise and individual skill with every package we have you will get different level of rewords.

3- Prime Investment is not licence fiduciary and thus does not give any financial advice.

4- This presentation it may change at any moment, this content will have different point of views according to each individual’s opinion,
in case of adding or removing any section of this content by those people who are providing consultancy, we as a company are not
responsible for any extra information or interpretation made by others.

5- At any change that may happen in the terms and conditions of the company’s policies or operations then
We will inform all the participants with the change details and the date which these changes will be active, our clients will receive an
email before sixth weeks of implementing the new change.

6- For those whom are consulted when their packages become 5 times more than usual, then all of their packages will expire and they
have to renew them, otherwise, they won’t get rewarded or get gifts forms the company that have been gained by consulting, and
they will have no earnings or advantages, which is related to the profit of the consultants.

7- The company is not responsible for any illegal activities by the members or participants such as money laundering or similar instance or any unlawful purposes which are forbidden In our business or financial services.

8- Any rank can only be achieved once except the rank of ( Empire ) which is achievable for the second time to gain the rank of   ( Share Holder Position ) which can lead to the pinnacle position in our company.

9- All Rights Reserved for Prime Investment, the company takes legal action to protect its own Assets such as the name or logo along with website details.

10- KYC )Know Your Customer( is a mandatory requirement under “Fifth Money Laundering Directive (5AMLD) (January 10, 2020) for all companies/organizations dealing with consumer funds. Prime investment uses an external KYC verification company while the company bearing the most of the costs, $10 will be paid by every member (once for lifetime).

11- You shall be required to register with our website in order to use the services provided by Prime Investment. Protecting the confidentiality of your username and password is solely your responsibility. You expressly agree to absolve the Prime investment of any responsibility or liability in this regard.

12- Information about You
Keeping your personal data safe is important to us. How we handle your personal data is explained in our privacy policy.

13- You should assess carefully whether your financial situation and tolerance for risk is suitable for any transactions you undertake using the Wirex Service, and you are responsible for conducting your own research before carrying out any transactions through the Wirex Service.

14- You must have an account with us
In order to use the prime investment services, you will need to register using your email, set up an account with a password, and verify your identity      ( KYC ). We recommend that you use a strong password, with a combination of letters, numbers, and special characters, with your profile. You must enable 2-factor authentication to access your account. You must take precautions to protect your prime investment Profile.

15-  Security
It is extremely important for you to keep your Profile secure at all times. You are responsible for all transactions initiated through your prime investment. Unauthorized use of your prime investment may have serious consequences for you, including financial consequences. Ultimately, it is your responsibility to keep your prime investment account secure by engaging in the following practices:

Using a strong password for your Profile;
Keeping your phone safe and ensuring it is password-protected at all times;
Enabling 2-factor authentication to access your Profile;
Keeping your password and other unique numbers safe and secure;
Closing the site when you are not using it;Logging out of the prime investment website when you are not using it;
Changing your mobile, and Keeping your email account secure at all time.

16- Eligibility
You must meet the following criteria in order to create a prime investment account :
You must be 18 years of age or older and be a resident of a country where prime investment is available, you must be an individual and not acting on behalf of a business.
You must only open one account with us and not have had a previous account with us that was blocked or closed;
You must verify your identity with us and pass any other checks we are required to conduct (such as anti-money laundering checks and know your customer procedures).

17- AML/KYC Verification
We take our anti-money laundering (AML) and know your customer (KYC) policies very seriously, and we monitor our platform for suspicious activity. You must comply with all requests to verify your identity, address, and source of funds.
We will require users to provide valid government-issued proof of identity documents
and may ask for proof of address documents issued in the last six months.
Where we cannot verify your identity or the validity of your documents, you will be
refused a prime investment.
Where you appear on any governmental or inter-governmental sanctions list, you will be
refused to open account with prime investment .

18- Please be aware there’s a $10 fee applied for KYC approvals per account once for life time.

19- Data Protection
Your registration with Prime Investment requires sharing of personal information about you including sensitive personal information. You give your express permission for the sharing of information for the purposes of managing your account and to meet requirements of processing withdrawal request. All information & documentation “Such as Passport” will be held and processed in accordance with the requirements of the data protection Act.

In order to cancel your account with Prime Investment, you need to send us a request via email, from your registered email address. Please mention ‘Account Cancellation’
as subject. Kindly note that cancellation requests being sent otherwise (e.g. Text messages via mobile apps or from any other email address etc.) shall not be entertained. You may request a refund of your package and all your up-to-date earnings within 7 days.

21- Renewal Policy
All our clients who wish to carry on & stay blessed with Prime Investment after their earnings reach up to 5 times “500%” of their actual package must renew their package to the same or bigger package to take advantage of earnings daily profit as usual benefits all the company’s rewards, otherwise, they will no longer receive daily earning and their package will expire, which means they would miss out getting advantage of our services.